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Lincoln County Cemetery Indexing Project


North Pines Genealogy Group is proud to announce the completion of the Lincoln County Cemetery Indexing Project!  The information is available in both hard copy and ON A FLASHDRIVE!  If you are interested in purchasing a FLASHDRIVE or hard copies of individual cemeteries contact NPGG information that is posted at the bottom of this page [Hard copy price varies by the number of copies desired]... 

 2018 Lincoln County Cemetery FLASHDRIVE

$15.00 plus $5.00 S&H

   The flashdrive include’s all of the following...

All the outlying cemeteries in Lincoln County

for BOTH Merrill and Tomahawk.

[Dates cover late 1800's to 2018] 


It also includes

Merrill Memorial Park Cemetery  

 St. Francis Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery 


                                            [You need to download Adobe to use this flashdrive]



Tina is working on updating the deaths that have occured since 2013. 


To avoid Shipping and Handling, arrangements can be made for pickup at  T. B Scott Library in the History and Genealogy Room on the 3rd floor.



You may place an order by contacting North Pines Genealogy Group @

             Sharon Karow at or 715.536.6903

                                                                             or  715-218-0609