Some of the Items available in the NPGG library

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Selected items available in the NPGG library...

Lincoln County 1st 100 Births, Marriages & Deaths by Betty Tesch

Lincoln County Cemetery Index [LCC CD]on CD, 2009 [1997-2006]

Lincoln County Centennial and index 1874-1974

Lincoln County Heritage Certificate Project 2008-2009

Lincoln County Teachers Index to Rural School's

Lincoln County Index of Informal Probate, 2005

Lincoln County Index of Estates, 1800's-1986

Merrill City Directories, numerous years

Merrill Memorial Cemetery Park Listing 1997-2006, includes index [on LCC CD]

Merrill Centennial 1883-1983, includes index

St. Francis Xaiver Cemetery Index, 1997 [on LCC CD]

North Pines Genealogy Group Ancestor charts

North Pines Genealogy Group Scrapbook

North Pines Genealogy Group Surname Indexes

Early Patents, Merrill Wisconsin Book 1 A-J by Robin Comeau

Early Patents, Merrill Wisconsin Book 2 K-Z by Robin Comeau


Donated by Sharon Karow to NPGG Library, June 2020

Merrill City Directory 1925, Street Guide

Index to Merrill Senior High Graduates, 1883-1917

MAH-WAH 1927, Lincoln County Normal Alumni School Lincoln County Teachers Index to Rural Schools, 1998 and 1999 by Lorraine Muschinske, Frederick Schepp, and Ruth Dreger,

The School Bell Echoes, 1898

Platbook Oneida County 1984, 1998

Platbook Vilas County 2000

Platbook Langlade County 1982 [2] 1999

Merrill High School 1899-1904 Class Pictures